Certificate Information

Access to your Certificate of Completion is gained from your course page. Once you have achieved the required score of 80% or better in Module 6: Final Assessment you will have access to your certificate in PDF form to print or save.

Certificate not showing latest result?

If you are undertaking the same course that you have already completed you will need to make a second attempt in Module 6: Final Assessment.  

When you make a second attempt in the same course, the original result will show on the certificate until there is a code refresh. Codes are refreshed overnight.

You may request a code refresh at www.allergy.org.au/help

Courses from 14 July 2018 and current for 2019

Certificate of completioncertificate close up

Example of a certificate

Certificate of Completion example

Courses from 13 June 2017

Cannot access or find my certificate

If you completed a course prior to June 2017 you are advised to undertake one of the three courses available now.

No certificate will be provided for any courses prior to June 2017.

If you believe you have completed a course within the past three months you should have access to the course page and the certificate.

Further certificate help

For further help go to www.allergy.org.au/help

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